• Term Investment

    Your investment Upfront Term One (11 weeks) fee New Student $145 Current Student $130 We accept term enrolment only prior to 16th Feb
  • Our Qi Gong 12-Gesture training DVD with step-by-step instructions for self-learning and practice. We normally bring a few DVDs during workshop and class sessions and they may be purchased in person (cash only). Special Promotion for Workshop Attendees From Nov 2018, attendees at our workshops can pick up this DVD for half-price!
  • Our special bundle package includes
    • A 10-week online class pass
    • plus Qi Gong for Beginners DVD
    • plus a Tai Chi For Beginners wall chart
  • Our first full-sized wall chart for Tai Chi beginners beautifully printed on 180 gsm satin paper. This A1-sized wallchart is ideal for those who want to follow each move throughout the 12 forms. Each tile clearly represents each move along with percentages to indicate how much weight to place on each leg. We normally bring wall charts available for purchase (cash only) along with some of our other products during workshop and class sessions.