Paul Williams – Managing Director, Comace Pty Ltd

Fang is a fantastic instructor and all my staff were guided through the steps with ease. Fang has a way of making each class enjoyable even when dealing with apprehensive tough macho males. Surprisingly it became a session that all staff looked forward to and after the initial (get over yourself) period every person participating made the effort to exercise each movement to the best of their ability.

I don’t recall a session that we didn’t have a laugh and all come away smiling, which in, itself, is a fantastic result. I can honestly say that it made each of us feel more relaxed and ready for the day compared to the days that the Tai Chi didn’t occur.

I can recommend it as not only an exercise programme but as a group bonding session and a good start to the day. Happy for anyone to ring me for a more detailed perspective for the experience at Comace.

Jenny M

“On a whim I decided to attend Fang’s Tai Chi class. I had attended one lesson offered by another practitioner at another venue at the beginning of the year, but did not feel any inclination to continue. For this reason I did not have high expectations when I went along to my first class with Fang. Fang was very welcoming; her smiling face and gentle demeanour offered great encouragement to me. I especially liked the fact that she explained the health benefits of the movements to the class. My body does not permit me to perform all the movements as they should be performed. When I explained this to Fang she smiled and told me that I should only do what I feel I can and just imagine in my mind that I am performing the movements to their full extent. This took the pressure off me – if Fang had been stern and insisted that I push my body further than it could go, I would not have continued with my classes. After each lesson I felt uplifted and this feeling lasted with me for a few hours afterwards. When the term finished my fellow class mates and I felt sad because we had all grown to feel comfortable and supported in each others company during the lesson. I have no doubt that Fang’s nurturing style of teaching was appreciated by all who attended.”

Sue W – Seacliff

For me, the Tai Chi & Qi Gong class makes me feel relaxed and powerful at the same time. I am sure that on several occasions my Tai Chi has saved me from a bad fall as I have much better balance and ankle strength now and can recover from tripping over. I have great ankle strength  and core strength when walking around steep hills on my property.  I also notice that I can turn my head better than a lot of people my age…this is so important when driving a car, reversing a car etc. When we do “the Lotus” I remind myself each time….patience, patience, patience!……..I am not a patient person so I can use Tai Chi to try to learn new things and apply them to myself. I love the Tai Chi flow when everything is going well and I can feel energy in my hands. A great way to feel warm and strong especially in winter!

Lisa J – Port Noarlunga South

I really enjoy learning Qi Gong and Tai Chi with Fang from Meridian Connection. I recently started looking into Qi Gong and Tai Chi to rehabilitate a neck pain and the associated stress that can come with such a pain. I am so grateful to have found a local southern teacher who is knowledgable, genuine, motivated and caring. I now practice Qi Gong and Tai Chi everyday and I find it helps me feel focused, balanced and energised as I am enthusiastic to learn more.

Josie K

Having been to other Tai Chi lessons and sessions, I was very impressed with Fang’s style of teaching and her prepareness o share her knowledge with each of us. She is a very caring person and took a personal interest in each one. She has a very gentle, respectful and encouraging way of relating to both the beginners and the more experienced. I am really looking forward to attending more of her classes and can’t wait to learn more.


Thank you once again, Fang. I found everything relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It has helped me go back to the centre. I have just started so everything is new and wonderful. When working on patients I find that many have lumps and buckled muscles under the front of the axilla which have resulted in deltoid and shoulder pains as well as breathing restrictions. With what we have done today, I could feel the energy “burst” through and then gently flow.

Thank you, I will come again