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About Shon Ellerton

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July 2020 Newsletter


July 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Jul 24, 2020 What's Happening 24h July 2020 Another month is nearly gone. Where did time go? How are you travelling these days? I have received [...]

July 2020 Newsletter2020-08-01T19:16:32+09:30

June 2020 Newsletter


June 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Jun 9, 2020 What's Happening 9th June 2020 A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me how weak she felt these days. She [...]

June 2020 Newsletter2020-06-13T22:57:24+09:30

May 2020 Newsletter


May 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   May 10, 2020 What's Happening 10th May, 2020 How have you and your family doing these days? My neighbors have been isolating themselves for 8 weeks since [...]

May 2020 Newsletter2020-05-16T09:04:47+09:30

April 2020 Newsletter


April 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Apr 3, 2020 What's Happening 3rd April, 2020 I have seen more breaking news over the last two weeks than the past ten years since I [...]

April 2020 Newsletter2020-08-01T19:17:35+09:30

March 2020 Newsletter


March 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Mar 15, 2020 What's Happening 15th March, 2020 Last night my five-year old son was having a bath. He was playing with a  small fish [...]

March 2020 Newsletter2020-06-13T23:00:20+09:30

February 2020 Newsletter


February 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Feb 10, 2020 What's Happening 10th February, 2020 Raise your hand if you think you have been constantly using your energy bank and need a [...]

February 2020 Newsletter2020-05-16T09:06:05+09:30

January 2020 Newsletter


January 2020 Newsletter Newsletter   •   Jan 20, 2020 What's Happening 20th January, 2020 Can you believe ONE month is nearly gone in 2020?! It took me a while to think about it [...]

January 2020 Newsletter2020-04-05T17:47:15+09:30