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We provide ongoing 10-week Tai Chi programmes for beginner, intermediate and advanced levels throughout the year, in person and online.
See individual classes in detail below.

Program Start: Classes start Tuesday 12th of October

St. Jude’s Anglican Church, Grundy Hall
444 Brighton Road, Brighton SA

Time: 10am-11am (Tai Chi Beginner Class)

Duration: 10 weeks

Note: November 16th Tai Chi class is cancelled due to venue availability

Program Start: Classes start Tuesday 12th of October

Location: Hallett Cove Civic Centre (Room 3 & 4)

Time: 6:30-7:30 pm (Tai Chi Beginner Class)

Duration: 10 weeks

Program Start: Classes now start Wednesday 13th of October

Location: Hallett Cove Civic Centre (Room 3 & 4)

6:30-7:30 pm (Tai Chi Intermediate Class)
7:30-8:30 pm (Tai Chi Chen Style Beginner Class)

Duration: 10 weeks

Enrolment form for new students and upfront payment are required prior to commencement.
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Booking is essential
Class commencement is subject to sufficient number of participants at the discretion of Meridian Connection Tai Chi.
Please contact Fang at 0425 845 788 or send email to 4yourhealth@meridian-connection.com.au for further information.

Disclaimer: We are uncertain as to any upcoming changes in what we can do under existing COVID-19 rules.

All instructors are COVID-safe certified.

NDIS Tailored Group Classes


Fang has been working with NDIS participants in the last 5 years with great outcomes.

If you want to experience a relaxing and energetic exercise while improving physical function, such as balance and flexibility, then talk to Fang and see what the Tai Chi / Qi Gong holistic exercise can do for you.

Quote for tailored individual and group Tai Chi programs is available on request.

Anyone can do Tai Chi regardless of their fitness level. Known as ‘moving meditation’, Tai Chi is easy to learn and its slow, fluid and graceful movements allow you to reset, relax and recharge, and improve balance, flexibility and strength in a safe and gentle way.

Sharlene says

“Meridian Connection Tai Chi is excellent. Fang is an expert teacher very passionate about her work and will cater to anyone’s needs. My daughter with special needs attends private lessons her mental and physical health has improved immensely. I highly recommend Meridian Connection.”

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Other Tai Chi Classes and Programs

We offer a variety of other Tai Chi and Qi Gong classes and training programs available upon request.

Chinese authentic Tai Chi/Qi Gong forms, including traditional Shao Lin, Wu Dang styles, can be taught in private training class according to the participant’s interests and foundation.

Tailored one-to-one private session is also available for NDIS clients upon request.

Please contact Fang at 0425 845 788 or send email to 4yourhealth@meridian-connection.com.au for further information.

All group sessions/workshops are available subject to a sufficient number of participant bookings.

Please contact Fang at 0425 845 788 or send email to 4yourhealth@meridian-connection.com.au for further information.

Working with local PHNs and local councils, Tai Chi for Regional Wellness Program provides structured educational content for health and wellbeing outcome. We are happy to travel to you and provide tailored Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Wellness program for the local people.

Early beginning of Tai Chi practice has a profound impact on teenagers’ physical and mental development. School kids and young people learn how to better focus, concentrate, relax and control through Tai Chi practice.

“It helps with children’ academic discipline and performance as well as interaction with others”, Dr. Lam from Tai Chi for health institute says. Professor Shona Bass at Deakin University said that one of the great Tai Chi benefits is getting children to develop internal rewards within themselves.

Children learn fast and studies show that children enjoy Tai Chi practice when they are involved in fun activities. Having considered school kids with particular teenager needs, this fun Tai Chi for kids programme includes kid-special warm-up, 16-gesture Tai Chi and Wu Shu form and cool-down exercises.

Tai Chi has been approved not only suitable for public groups or individuals, but also, more popular than ever, in the workplace. Many employers are keen to find solutions for improving their workforce productivity,  reducing the impact of the stress level of their employees, such as work injuries, managing of their work population in regards to chronic diseases, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart and lung disease, obesity etc. A tailored Tai Chi and Qi Gong session consists of warm-up and stretching/flexibility exercise with fundamental Tai Chi & Qi Gong movements have shown a great popularity with a positive outcome for employers during my meditation,Qi Gong/Tai Chi teaching at corporates. For any enquiry and more information, Please use ” contact us”. We can tailor mindfulness and well-being programs to your corporate needs.   Healthy Staff, Wealthy Workplaces!

Health providers play an essential and critical role in our society. They provide health services to ensure those who are in need are properly treated and well looked after. It is very important to ensure that health providers maintain their fitness and general wellbeing. This programme is specially created to help such groups decrease stress levels, focus on physical and mental relaxation while strengthening muscles, ligaments, joints and improving flexibility. It includes meditation warm-up, 8-gesture Qi Gong- Tai Chi form and cool-down exercises.

Practicing Tai Chi has been shown particularly beneficial for seniors. Scientific studies show that Tai Chi practice has a great impact on fall prevention, balance improvement, flexibility and sensitivity. Meanwhile, it alleviates chronic pain and improves mental wellbeing. Surveys, including one by the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (http://nccam.nih.gov/health/taichi), have shown that between 2.3 million and 3 million people use Tai Chi in the United States. The centre has supported studies on the effect of Tai Chi on cardiovascular disease, fall prevention, bone health, osteoporosis, osteoarthritis of the knee, rheumatoid arthritis, chronic heart failure, cancer survivors, and depression in older people.

This designated programme includes breathing warm-up, 12-gesture gentle Qi Gong- Tai Chi form and cool-down exercises

This training programme is aimed towards those who have attained a higher Tai Chi level, preferably Tai Chi instructors. More complex Tai Chi chuan (bare hand) and weapon (i.e. sword, broad-sword, fan) forms are taught and applications are explained during practice and pushing-hand exercises. The forms are available for teaching as follows subject to adequate participants.

  • Yang 24 form Tai Chi chuan
  • Yang 42 form Tai Chi chuan
  • Yang 48 form Tai Chi chuan
  • Chen 56 form Tai Chi chuan
  • Traditional Lu He Ba Fa chuan (combination of Tai Chi, Xing Yi and Ba Gua)
  • Traditional Tuo Luo Ni Da Bei chuan (Shao Lin inner style)
  • Yang 32 form Tai Chi sword
  • Yang 42 form Tai Chi sword
  • Traditional 63 form Tai Chi sword
  • Wu Dang sword
  • Traditional Tai Chi broad sword set 1
  • Traditional Tai Chi broad sword set 2
  • Qian Long Tai Chi Fan

This program was created and developed as a showcase of effectively merging Eastern healing arts (Tai Chi & Qi Gong) with Western science.

This 10-week Well-Being Corporate program offers corporate staff a flexible, pop-in easy and relaxing exercise opportunity for their health and well-being.

It consists of sitting and standing meditation with deep breathing exercises, a simple set of Tai Chi warm-up exercises and gentle Qi Gong movements. The ease and safety of the movements allows the participants to focus on breathing, proper alignment, self-awareness and relaxation.

The effect can be almost immediate as many participants report that they feel stronger, healthier and happier after a session.

This program aims at fulfilling an increasing corporate need of team bonding, maintaining a healthy, happy and productive workforce. Numerous peer-reviewed research sessions have indicated that regular meditation and gentle Tai Chi & Qi Gong exercise can improve one’s balance and flexibility, ease aches and pains, sharpen one’s mind and enhance psychological well-being and sleep quality. At a corporate level, it can improve individual health and safety, reduce sick leave numbers, improve creativity and productivity, and create a healthy, happy corporate culture and working environment.

The program is conducted during staff morning tea and lunch breaks.

It is designed for everyone with any fitness level to participate.

Each internal session lasts around 15 minutes, which begins with breathing and meditation, then continues with a simple set of Tai Chi warm-up and gentle Qi Gong movements. Participants are required to stay through one session.

To recite an old Chinese saying, “Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power”. This program will enable participants to integrate Tai Chi into their everyday life and empower themselves for holistic health and wellbeing.

Please contact Fang at 0425 845 788 or send email to 4yourhealth@meridian-connection.com.au for further information.