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Important Notice

Classes resume as normal from Tuesday 3rd August
There will be no Tai Chi classes on the following dates due to venue unavailability.
* Hallett Cove Evening Class (Tue 24th August)

Meridian Connection Tai Chi School exists to assist you and connect you to optimal health and balance in life through our authentic and effective Tai Chi programs.

We always remember to have some fun too.

Meridian Connection Tai Chi School exists to assist you and connect you to optimal health and balance in life through our authentic and effective Tai Chi programs.

We always remember to have some fun too.

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Laura Perdue
Move It Marion Coordinator
City of Marion

I have found both Fang and Luke from Meridian Connection Tai Chi excellent to work with. They are both engaging and participants really enjoy their sessions. They explain and demonstrate the various movements in a way that makes it easy to understand and I have seen noticeable improvements in the balance and strength of our participants. They understand the need to cater for various levels of ability and mobility and are kind and encouraging to participants who initially struggle with particular movements. They also continually demonstrate and explain ways that participants can adapt the movements to suit mobility restrictions and varying levels of strength and balance.  They are always more than happy to stay around after the session to answer participant’s questions. I would highly recommend Meridian Connection Tai Chi as a provider of Tai Chi for the community.

Obi Ind

Tai Chi has been an important part of my life for over 25 years. For much of that time, it gave me the focus, grounding and inner strength to be a positive influence in a dynamic yet difficult school environment. Unfortunately, as work pressures and stress levels grew, I neglected my practice at a time when I needed it the most.

Recently, I stepped back into my Tai Chi shoes under Fang’s wonderful guidance and thanks to her inspired teaching, I have rediscovered the grounding and energy that a daily practice brings. Fang’s expert application of the martial aspect in her teaching clarifies and informs every movement. Her clear instructions and gentle energy are a positive and encouraging reinforcement of the principles of Tai Chi. 

It is such a delight to once again be flowing with the sequences of Tai Chi and enacting the narrative that underpins every move. I’ve noticed my sleep patterns have improved since renewing my practice and I feel more in touch with my inner core. I look forward to continuing my Tai Chi journey as it is such a rewarding and enriching practice.

Sue W – Seacliff

For me, the Tai Chi & Qi Gong class makes me feel relaxed and powerful at the same time. I am sure that on several occasions my Tai Chi has saved me from a bad fall as I have much better balance and ankle strength now and can recover from tripping over. I have great ankle strength  and core strength when walking around steep hills on my property.  I also notice that I can turn my head better than a lot of people my age…this is so important when driving a car, reversing a car etc. When we do “the Lotus” I remind myself each time….patience, patience, patience!……..I am not a patient person so I can use Tai Chi to try to learn new things and apply them to myself. I love the Tai Chi flow when everything is going well and I can feel energy in my hands. A great way to feel warm and strong especially in winter!


Thank you once again, Fang. I found everything relaxing and invigorating at the same time. It has helped me go back to the centre. I have just started so everything is new and wonderful. When working on patients I find that many have lumps and buckled muscles under the front of the axilla which have resulted in deltoid and shoulder pains as well as breathing restrictions. With what we have done today, I could feel the energy “burst” through and then gently flow.

Thank you, I will come again

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