December 2019 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Dec 12, 2019

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12th December, 2019

Christmas is approaching us fast. Have you been busy doing Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts and attending end of the year celebrations, parties or weddings? Christmas can be a very hectic time before we can all sit and chill out with families and friends ( Really? hopefully!).

If things are getting a bit stressful, you know you can always take a 2-minute short break away from your current environment.

Three simple yet effective tips you can use:

1. Observe your breath: make sure gentle, long, deep breathing, be aware of the center of your body (your lower abdomen).

2. Observe your body posture: make sure your posture allows your organs, bones and muscles to be comfortable (not twisted, tense or unbalanced), which helps for relaxation and blood flow.

3. Be aware and enjoy each gentle step: make sure you gently and firmly plant each foot ( kissing the earth) before the next step.

Use it and see if this will help you. It is important to know this kind of short break doesn’t waste your time. In contrast, it refreshes your body and mind, brings you the relaxation and energy that you need to do things smartly.

Did you ever make pinwheels as a kid? Aren’t they amazing little things? If you get it right, you can blow on it ever so gently and it’ll spin for a really long time.

The humble pinwheel is a brilliant illustration of how to create maximum results for minimum effort by sticking to one important rule: Life Balance.

Doing Tai Chi is all about using minimum wasted effort for maximum output, also known as “Efficiency”. In your case, is for optimal health and wellbeing.

Being efficient is far more important than just being busy. Would you agree? Who doesn’t want to produce the optimal outcome with least time and effort spent if you know how?

Tai Chi is a superior tool in this regards. It can maximize your health outcome (for both physical and mental health) with minimum effort in a most efficient way. If you need evidence-based information, just let me know, I will send you some research papers privately.

Have a break, do some Tai Chi. You deserve it. Watch what my Tai Chi students are saying about their Tai Chi experience.  Everyone is unique and came to learn Tai Chi for various reasons. At the same time, they all have a great experience and support each other. Is there anything you find beneficial for yourself?

Though Christmas time can be very busy and joyful for some, it can also be very lonely and rough for others. Let’s spread the love and strength to those who need it, and acknowledge them!

My teaching team and I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, prosperous 2020.

To your health,
Fang and Meridian Connection Tai Chi Team

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