January 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Jan 20, 2020

What’s Happening

20th January, 2020

Can you believe ONE month is nearly gone in 2020?! It took me a while to think about it (anyway, I am a slow thinker, ^-^).

2020, let’s be honest, not a good start as bushfires have been burning across Australia for the last few months and many people have been suffering. It is heart-broken to watch. However, the fires didn’t break our spirit. Instead, it united us to be stronger! My highest respect goes to our amazing firefighters and everyone who helped and supported each other. 

Our firefighters sacrifice so much, even their lives to save someone else’s. I can’t find another word other than “LOVE” to justify their selfless action. 

It is LOVE and Resilience that brings us together. 

2020, my love is to share the ancient healing art Tai Chi and Qi Gong with you.

Do you want to stay strong, healthy and happy? 
Do you have a open-mind and a self-care attitude? 

If the answers are YES, then please contact me!

My FREE Health Qi Gong online learning courses ( Qi Gong Eight Piece of Brocade & Qi Gong Six Sounds Incarnations) are available at  https://meridian-connection.com.au/knowledge/instructional-videos/  for you to explore at your pace. You can go through the whole form and repeat any single part as many times as you like. Or you can cherry-pick any part that you are particularly interested in and enjoy.

Since I have spent lots of time and effort on these videos, I would appreciate if you can give me your feedback and share with others if you think it will benefit others.

All new 2020 Tai Chi classes information are available now as below and at https://meridian-connection.com.au/. Booking is essential.

Dates and Times: Tuesdays 10 am to 11 am
Start on 28th January

Venue: St Jude’s Anglican Church
Grundy Hall
444 Brighton Road, Brighton SA

Dates and Times: Wednesdays 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Start on 29th January

Venue: Cove Civic Centre (Hallett Cove Library)
Room 3 & 4
1 Ragamuffin Drive, Hallett Cove

Dates and Times: Sundays 10 am to 11 am
Start on 2nd 
Venue: Room One, Aldinga Community Centre
7 Stewart Ave, Aldinga Beach SA 5173

If feeling unwell or lack of quality sleep is what you are concerned,  TRY Tai Chi. 

I hope this article may give you some insight https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/tai-chi-boosts-immune-system-fang-qin/ .

Again, Happy New Year, wish you and  your family a very healthy, happy and prosperous 2020!

Welcome 2020, be the best version of yourself!

To your good health,

Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi team