March 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Mar 15, 2020

What’s Happening

15th March, 2020

Last night my five-year old son was having a bath. He was playing with a  small fish toy. All of sudden, he dropped his fish as his hands became slippery. He was anxious to find the fish by stirring the water, aimlessly moving his hands through the water while asking me in a rather loud voice, “Mama, I lost the fish, where is the fish and can you help me?!” .

He became more anxious as time went by while moving his hands and arms even harder. He couldn’t find his little fish. He started to cry.

I was watching him the whole time. Then I used my hands to stop his arms from moving while talking to him “Arthur, just watch”. We saw the water moving slower and slower and then we saw the fish!

This is a great illustration of different outcome from a busy and anxious mind versus a slow and still mind.

When your mind is busy and anxious, things seem cloudy; nothing is clear. When your mind is at ease, things become clear to you. Think of a moment, when your mind is not jumping all directions, when your mind is relaxed. How do you feel?  How does it affect your mood and thinking?

I am not sure if my son would understand all of this, but he was very happy to find the fish. Then he dropped the fish again. He stirred the water to look for the fish but failed to find it. Then I reminded him again, to stop and let the water settle itself by not stirring it. At the end, he was happy with my way of finding the fish by simply doing nothing; letting it be.

Being able to be still is a learned exercise.

Known as “moving meditation” over centuries, Tai Chi can be a great and powerful tool to train your brain to “Let it go ” and “Just Being”. Studies have shown that Tai Chi can help people to improve their health and wellbeing on so many different levels.

Under the current coronavirus outbreak declared by WHO as a pandemic, maintaining and boosting your immunity strength is really important as contracting the virus has adverse impacts on those who have a compromised immunity or another medical condition. Harvard Medical School’s study shows that Tai Chi gives immune system a boost .

To help you begin your first step on your Tai Chi journey, I made this Tai Chi for beginners 12 Forms ( Part One & Two) videos for you. To watch Part One,; Part Two, There is also a wall chart to give you detailed instructions for each body posture

Keeping calm and educating yourself is a part of how you can be grounded in life.

All the best,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi Team