May 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   May 10, 2020

What’s Happening

10th May, 2020

How have you and your family doing these days?

My neighbors have been isolating themselves for 8 weeks since March. We keep connected via phone calls and Facetime. For some, it could be fine, finding new ways of living and enjoy small things each day. However, It can be very challenging, frustrating and depressing for others. It is heartache when people can’t hold their loved ones in their arms even they live just next door, or know someone dying but they can’t pay a visit and say a final goodbye.

One thing I know is this is a good time to test us (and our relationship) and train us to be more resilient and adaptable.

Just as death and tax are inevitable in one’s life, so do changes in today’s world.

Today more than ever, we understand that public health is NO. 1 priority for a country and its people.

So let’s do more about it, pay more attention and take more actions about our health and wellbeing from national, local government and individual level.

Think about “What is your most valuable asset and possession in your life?”
Without good health, everything can be comprised, such as how food is tasted, sleeping deprivation, self-esteem and purpose in life.

Do you know heart, stroke and vascular disease took 43,447 Australians’ lives in 2017 according to ABS (Australian Bureau of Statistics)? Tai Chi and Qi Gong are wonderful exercise to stimulate blood flow and circulation while calming and relaxing your mind. As a result,  relax your heart.

A good recently published article from BBC

More than ever, we should make conscious effort to keep well and keep connected. I am offering online Tai Chi classes to everyone, no matter how bad the weather is or where you are, you can learn authentic and quality Tai Chi with me online, in real time.

“Many thanks for the Tai Chi class this morning. Sound & vision were both really clear and it was just as easy to follow you as it is in the face to face class. I could feel the benefit of the class and really enjoyed it.”   – from Sue

For booking, contact  FREE first come & try session. 

To celebrate May with Happy Mother’s Day, to show our love and appreciation to all hard-working and amazing mums in the world, we have a special offer for you and your mum. Click to get your special deal. We have never offered such a great deal before, so be quick. You can also buy it as a gift for your friends.

What you get
– A 10-week real time online class pass
-plus Qi Gong for beginners DVD,
-plus a Tai Chi for beginners wall chart

For ONLY $145 (normal value $195). The postage is not included.

This offer limits to the first 40 purchase only, ending on 24th May. If sold out before 24th May, then you have to pay the normal price.

As an old Chinese saying, “Practice Tai Chi regularly will in time gain the suppleness of a child, the strength of a lion, and the peace of ind of a sage”. I hope Tai Chi can bring you the health and happiness.

Stay well and connected,
Fang and Meridian Connection Tai Chi team