June 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Jun 9, 2020

What’s Happening

9th June 2020

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine told me how weak she felt these days. She told me that her 5-year old daughter may bring home some bugs from school. Her daughter would bounce back in good health in a few days. However, she will feel sick, unwell and exhausted for weeks ( used to last one week, now three or even four weeks). This adversely affects her work, her mood and her family relationship.

This is the fourth time that I heard similar story over the past two weeks!

How many women are experiencing physical and emotional exhaustion on an ongoing basis? Put your hands up if you are nodding. Women are doing so much these days, working, looking after their families and children (or grandchildren), taking further education, trying the best to match the expectation (to be the wonder woman!) from our social big and small circles. Having said this, I am not saying men are not working hard and all their efforts are acknowledged too. However, today, I want to focus on women’s health.

As a woman, I want to make this loud and clear (hope you are reading this loudly with me too) “I need to put MY health and wellbeing first”! Without sound physical and mental health, you won’t be the best version you want to be and live the life you desire to lead.

Tai Chi and Qi Gong, an ancient mind-body exercise, known as ‘moving meditation’, really can empower you to gain holistic mindfulness, reduce stress, relax mind and body and boost your immune and vitality.

So what caused my friend lengthy fatigue and sense of being unwell?

Probably due to compromised/weakened immune system. Unfortunately, winter doesn’t help as coldness (low temperature, wind etc) and dampness (rain, high humidity etc) from outside challenge our inner defense mechanism, which basically is a threat to immune system.

As everyone has unique personal situation, I decided to show you the Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs below for a general self- health and wellbeing assessment.

What makes Tai Chi so special, to help you live young, healthy and happy?

The five essential and unique qualities of Tai Chi movement are

– slowness
– lightness
– clarity
– balance
– calmness

Slowness enables whole mind-body awareness. Lightness brings relaxation. Calmness and balance lead to clarity and focus. They are all interdependent and complementary to each other.

My 31 Days “Stay Calm, Do Tai Chi” online program will give you a good start at your own pace. This online program aims at enabling you to learn tai chi at ease, find your inner calm, cultivate Chi (life energy) and just be yourself.

A vibrant society needs improved women’s health. We can all make a difference.  

I would like to encourage you to share this message. To connect with me, please visit www.meridian-connection.com.au

To you and all women’s health,
Fang and Meridian Connection Tai Chi team