September 2020 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Sep 15, 2020

What’s Happening

15th September 2020

“Have a Mind that is Open to Everything and Attached to Nothing.” Dr. Wayne Dyer’s quote is a good reflection on Tai Chi practice, particularly on mental state.

We had our first Wednesday evening group class last week. These are what my first-time students want to share.

“Hi Fang, did not feel at all stiff the next day! ”   – Pauline

“I loved the class. It’s exactly what I’m after – a focus on energy and relaxation.
I don’t know if it’s the result I was expecting, but I had a massive case of ‘tingles’ about halfway during the class, and it got stronger as the class went on. I slept like a log that night as well, which is an unexpected benefit! ”  – Joel

I could’t be happier for my students. You are the reason why I am here, doing what I do- to empower you through tai chi for your health, finding your way of harmony in life.

Tai Chi brings people together. Being part of the collective Qi, energy in the classroom can make you feel calm and relaxed on a different level. We provides a very safe and friendly environment for everyone to feel welcomed and supported. 

This term, we will learn the internationally recognized Simplified Tai Chi 24 form. I made a video for you to watch After learning, you can choose to practise the whole routine, a single form or a group of forms based on the availability of time and space.

Wednesday evening class enrollment will be open till 22nd September.
Tuesday morning class Term 4 enrollment is open now. 

Please feel free to send me your request.  We are looking forward to meeting you in person soon.

To your health,
Fang and Maridian Connection Tai Chi team