February 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Feb 11, 2021

What’s Happening

25th February 2021

Have you ever felt that you are running out of energy and often felt exhausted at the end of the day ( may even at the beginning of the day)? Studies published at Medical Journal of Australia show that  chronic fatigue syndrome becomes a prevalent disorder in Australian communities that affects young individuals from all social classes and causes considerable ill health and disability.

I have great sympathy for such young individuals who have talents but with poor health. Even they have so much potential to offer to our society, without a healthy and strong body, it is difficult to accomplish much.

If you are in your teens, 20s or 30s, I am talking to YOU. A big Hello and Welcome!
When chronic fatigue happens at this stage of life, we need an individualized plan for this particular person. What does this person want in his life? More drugs(?), more physio(?), or something else that works with this individual and empowers her so that she doesn’t need to depend on others, but herself.

If you are in your 40s and 50s, you are still in the prime of your life, in my opinion. And I understand many energy-consuming activities happening in your life, such as career, raising children and looking after elderly parents etc.

If you are in your 60s and 70s, I congratulate you for more freedom you have in life.

If y are in your 80s and 90s, seriously, enjoy your life to the fullest, do whatever you want. I hope you still have the energy to do so!

The key here is:
You need ongoing energy supply to run your life smoothly.
Good health is vital for a happy life.

One of the core strength of Tai Chi is to cultivate Qi , known as life energy or life essence. Simply speaking, Tai Chi is an energy-generating exercise. Tai Chi allows YOU to stimulate your energy center to recharge and revitalize yourself.  You are the master of your own health. Imagine you are a power-producing house, your battery never goes flat!

I am never a big fan of “No Pain, No Gain” kind of exercise. Why should I… if I know something is so empowering you can have without pain?

It is a matter of choices.

I always look out for smart choices which allow me to “DO LESS, GAIN MORE”.
This is exactly what Tai Ch can offer you. Tranquil and slow movements and a calm and peaceful mind while moving with a simultaneously relaxing and energetic outcome.

Have you seen how whales move?
A 100-to-150 tonne whale swims gracefully and effortlessly through its fluid movement in the ocean.
Tai Chi movements are like that: graceful, effortless and fluid.
If a whale can do it, you can do it too ! 😊

If you are in your teens, 20s and 30s, do Tai Chi. Starting Tai Chi early could be one of the best things you choose for yourself in life. Give yourself  some time to see the result. Be patient with your own power-building process through Tai Chi.

If you are in your 40s and 50s, definitely do Tai Chi. Because of limited time you have, I strongly recommend you to choose your activities wisely. A smart choice means you feel good during and after with lasting positive effect. Say Goodbye to painful and exhausting exercise.

If you are in your 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, check out yourself .Tons of studies support that Tai Chi is good for health and wellbeing. However, why not to find it out yourself?

If you have more time, on top of Tai Chi, I would recommend swimming.
Tai Chi is like “Swimming on the land”. Now you have both.

Wish you a healthy and happy body and mind.

Stay well,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi Team