May 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   May 24, 2021

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24th May 2021

May is a beautiful month to celebrate all women for being brave, caring, selfishless and unique with Mother’s Day on 9th May. I hope you all got spoiled in one or another way! Being a woman, I am proud who I am and celebrated with others for today’s women, though men were not excluded 🙂

I often wonder “how much time do women give themselves for self-care and self-love when there are so much to do everyday for families, work and others?”.

What is your answer if you are a women?

To really value yourself, the best thing you can give yourselves is the permission to spend time for yourself, be kind and award yourselves before you can give back to others.

I would like to share Delma’s self-care story with you. I met Delma in 2019 at my regional Tai Chi workshop, she was 92 then. She looked so much younger than her actual age, which amazed me. I met her again on 16th May. She was nearly 94 (will be 94 in July!) and has not changed a bit (at least in my eyes). I was so amazed by her youthfulness and I wondered what her secret is.

The secret for Delma to keep young and fit is to do daily Tai Chi practice. She joined the tai chi sessions at the Crystal Brook hospital in February 2011 at the age of 83. Sometimes she does two Tai Chi sessions a day in a group. She met many people from Yacka, Port Pirie, Redhill, Gladstone as well as Crystal Brook every year at World Tai Chi and Qi Gong Day. She enjoys Tai Chi’s slow and graceful flow while actively engaging her mind in her movements. She also likes, very much, the social interaction with others. Delma is still living independently at home on her own at the age of 94. She credits Tai Chi for reversing her ageing process, improving her balance and strength.

For me, Delma is absolutely an inspiration. Her story tells us anyone can do Tai Chi regardless your age and it is never too late!

Ask yourself how you would like your life to be when you are in your 80s and 90s? Picture an independent YOU image. What is your practical tool /exercise if you want to keep fit and young for as long as possible?

In May, we celebrated all women with two workshops. Everyone enjoyed it as I was told. If you are curious about what happened, visit (Qi Gong workshop on 1st and 2nd May) and (SA regional Tai Chi workshop on 16th May).

Tai Chi is a holistic mind-body exercise to heal and enhance your body movements. It is also an antidote to stress and chaos. I hope Tai Chi brings you not only physical and mental health benefit, but much more beyond.

Meridian Connection School exists to assist you with your health goals through Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice. We offer weekly Tai Chi classes, workshops, private training, tailored corporate & school programs as well as public educational talks.

For us, providing joyful learning experience is equally important as getting health results. After all, life is a journey.

We look forward to connecting with you soon through Tai Chi.

To your Health and Happiness,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi team