August 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Aug 10, 2021

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10th August 2021

Tai Chi and Qi Gong has been an integrated part of health and wellbeing for the last half century in many cultures and countries.

Over my 20 years teaching as a Tai Chi instructor, people have frequently asked me one similar question, “Why Tai Chi and Qi Gong moves so slowly and gently, yet it can turn someone sick or weak to be sound and strong? “

To explain the potent and phenomenal power of Tai Chi and Qi Gong, one can’t escape the concepts of Jin ( internal strength) and Li  ( external strength). 

Today I’d like to explain very briefly Tai Chi Jin and Li with you.  For every Tai Chi practitioner and student, obtaining internal abundant Jin power is the ultimate goal. Li is the natural external by-product of Jin when internal Jin is developed and enhanced. If you can see your own body and mind as a mini-universe, then Jin is the soft energy web to connect everything together. A simple way to put it if I may, Jin is like rivers running through every channel of your body and penetrating to coating of bones and every cell to nourish and strengthen your entire inner system. Jin is the ongoing energy flow that has no beginning and ending, circulating continuously to give you the suppleness and agility which is the nature of vitality.

Most of Chinese characters have real meanings. For instance, Jin as 勁. On the left side of the character, you can see from the top to bottom representing the whole body, the middle part stands for the spiral motion of movements, with grounding body structure in place. On the right side, it means Li, strength. 

One of the fundamental Tai Chi practice is to develop Jin through which Li (external strength) will be enhanced. Jin represents Yin, the soft inner flow. Li represents Yang, the external strength. Tai Chi is to train you to be more mindful and supple within, connecting with yourself, getting rid of tension, stress and rigidness and finding the peace and flow. 

How can we develop Jin? 
For Tai Chi beginners and experienced Tai Chi practitioners, Zhan Zhuang – Standing Still like a Tree Pose is a good start. Last year I wrote an article about Zhan Zhuang, if you are interested in knowing a bit more

All you need to do is to start with 5 minutes Zhan Zhuang everyday with full body awareness plus a still mind. This is a holistic training for both your mind and body. Through this holding posture, you also develop Peng Jin (expending energy), a self-defending skill you learn but with so much more energy depth to explore and benefit from.

Now hopefully you can see why Tai Chi can be your daily antidote to stress as you move your mind and body mindfully and harmoniously. Through Tai Chi, commonly know as moving meditation, your mind becomes calmer, your breath becomes deeper and slower, and your body becomes more relaxed, everything is in balance with inner peace and tranquillity.  

There is an upcoming Tai Chi Push-hands workshop. The workshop information can be found at The online registration started last Saturday, now there is only 9 spots left. So book your place early to avoid disappointment if you enjoy Tai Chi flow and inner peace, want to gain more abundant Jin. Push-hands is an integrated part of your Tai Chi practice. It is for everyone to have some fun too. Share with your family and friends, bring your partner and a good mate with you! 

As always, my Tai Chi team and I are here to assist you with your health goal through Tai Chi and Qi Gong. If you have any questions, please call me on 0425 845 788 or book a free come n try session to experience Tai Chi yourself.  

I look forward to connecting with you soon.

Wish you well with Good Qi,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi team