Tai Chi Push Hands Workshop

Workshop   •   Sep 5, 2021

Location & Time

5th September, 2021 (Sunday)
1.30pm – 4.30 pm
Cove Civic Center, Hallett Cove
Call Fang on 0425 845 788

Program Highlights

During this informative and interactive workshop, Fang will cover

  • Providing centering and grounding Tai Chi practice for balance and strengthening
  • Demonstrating “Peng”, “Lu”, “Ji”, “An” four fundamental classic Tai Chi movements with Qi energy application
  • Practising whole body spiral motion led by spine and waist and the dynamics of the hip (known as Kua in Chinese)
  • Demonstrating single Push Hands with interactive practice between participants
  • Sensing and practicing “the point of contact” (Yin) and “the point of change” (Yang) during push-hand practice
  • One-to-one Push-hand with Fang, Bonus!
  • Afternoon refreshments included

Location Map

Feedback from previous workshop

“Absolutely a rewarding experience. Learnt a lot!” – George

“Thoroughly enjoyed this. We would love to have you come to Port Pirie and share your tai chi movements” – Dianne

“Enjoyed. We need more” – Brenda

“Excellent. Very interesting session. Very informative and enjoyed. Love the push hands moves. :)” – Sandy

“When’s the next one? Really loved it, learnt a lot. Need to learn and practice more.” – Mardiyah