October 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Oct 17, 2021

What’s Happening

17th October 2021

What are your tools to position yourself in an eternally changing world today?

Change is inevitable, everything is changing at any given moment.

While Tai Chi students are learning an ancient healing art to strengthen body and mind, there are so much more one can benefit from its philosophy.

To undertake the task of talking about Tai Chi philosophy, I am fully aware of my limited knowledge. My hope is to ignite a spark for more open dialogues and conversations so that we can all learn and utilise Tai Chi philosophy to make our lives better with more peace, joy and happiness. From happier individuals to happier families and a happier society as a whole.

As Tai Chi philosophy covers and reflects a range of topics such as religion, history, astronomy, geography, science, metaphysics, nature and politics etc, I wonder whether poems would be a better way to express some deep philosophical ideas which could be difficult to be understood.

Tai Chi practice with the focus of inner-self development ( translated excerpts from Inner Training (内业)):
When the body is not aligned,
The inner power (de) cannot develop.
When one is not still inside,
The heart-mind (xin) cannot be well ordered.
Align the body and pay attention to the inner power (de).
Thus one will gradually attain it.

When one is aligned and still,
The skin will be healthy and smooth.
Eyes and ears are sharp and clear.
Muscles are supple and the bones are hard.
So one can support the large circle (the heaven),
And step along the large square (the earth).
One reflects in great purity.
One appears in great clarity.

About the life of humans:
Heaven gives the essence (jing).
Earth gives the body.
Combined they make a person.
In harmony with each other they make life.
No harmony, no life.
If one examines the way (Dao) of the harmony,
One cannot see its essence(jing).
There are not many signs.
Balance and alignment are in one’s mind.
Thus the way of harmony sinks into the heart-mind (xin)
And one achieves a long life.

Another great master piece of writing( translated excerpts from HuaiNanzi (淮南子)),giving people insight of how to deal with ongoing changes through Dao.

One who understood the way (Dao),
Turns back to clarity and stillness.
One who examined everything,
Ends with non-action (WuWei).

One who has attained the way (Dao),
is weak in his ideas, but strong in his actions.
His heart-mind (xin) is empty (xu),
But his actions are rich.

One must keep the principle of the way (Dao)
In order to follow the changes.

Learning Tai Chi and Qi Gong is about giving yourself an opportunity to develop and strengthen yourself physically, mentally, intellectually and spiritually.

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Stay well with Good Qi,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi Team