November 2021 Newsletter

Newsletter   •   Nov 13, 2021

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13th November 2021

Why do people feel stuck, frustrated, stressed and burnout ?  How do people handle mental and physical pain?  A quick fix to numb or suppress yourself isn’t the way to solve the problem, isn’t it? 

How can Tai Chi let you think differently and respond to life events in a way that you can be the best part of yourself, standing tall while being grounded and peaceful? 

Over my 30 years Tai Chi learning and teaching, while many things I am still learning, I have learned ONE THING –  Tai Chi practice is a learning journey of one’s life, discovering yourself, seeing amazingness in you and being in charge.  

  • Through Tai Chi practice, you connect with Heaven and Earth ( Tai Chi principles:  Xu Ling Ding Jin 虚灵顶劲 & Zu Xia Sheng Gen 足下生根), receiving universal energy. After all, we are all energy beings. Without the energy, there is no vitality .
  • Through Tai Chi practice, you connect with other people with easiness and calmness. The highest level of listening and sensing through Tai Chi push-hand practice allows you to have positive and productive conversations with sensory acuity and behavioural flexibility. 
  • Through Tai Chi practice, you connect with your inner-self. Being able to relax allows you to think clearly. Being able to ground gives  you the capacity to love yourself full-heartedly, holding the faith of your unique and meaningful existence. 

Who doesn’t go through lives with ups and downs? What makes the difference is the way how you respond. 

There is an old Chinese phrase expression “Wu Yu Ze Gang ” ( 无欲则刚)meaning you will be strong if you have no desire. Less desires you have, stronger  you will become. Don’t get me wrong. we, as humans, all have basic needs to fulfil, such as food and shelter. However, endless pursuit of money and status won’t help us to grow stronger with inner-self. Have you ever experienced a time when you have to say or do things that don’t reflect who you truly are but you did it for other desires? I did. Now I am aware of it,  I will think it over and choose what is right. 

When you practise Tai Chi, you don’t need anything, the desire is gone! Simply be yourself.  Your Higher Self will reconnect with you. It takes time, patience and commitment to achieve such harmony state. Certainly it is not an easy task, but the great reward is never for the weak mind. 

Professor Cheng Man-ch’ ing ( Chinese name Zheng Man Qing), the 4th generation Yang Style, told his students in New York when he taught in China, he had all students work with a single posture at the beginning of the form for six months or more – “until he got it right”. Can you see the kind of inner strength and discipline this will make you as a person? A few words are popping up in my mind “Confident, strong, patient, calm, resilient”.  I am wondering what would be with my tai chi groups if I did what Professor Cheng did to his students in China. The answer is what is meant to be will be. There is no fear, but a calmness wishing the best for each of your student to discover and explore.  

October Qi Gong Ba Duan Jin workshop went well with some long-lasting learning inspiration for participants.  A few messages (with or without names) to share with you:

“The whole weekend was heart opening and filled with information and experience of joy. The demonstrations, the explanations about the movements, meridians, health benefits, and the overall picture was such an all round beautiful experience. ” – Deb

“Thank you Fang and Paige,
A very enjoyable and informative weekend workshop.
I have learned heaps and discovered some things about myself.
I love the practice because its internal not external.
Its flowing, centering and healing.”

“I truly love it all, the practice which made me feel beautiful and graceful for the first time in my life, the opportunity to be slow and mindful ” – Janet 
November Wu Qin Xin Qi Gong workshop is the last Qi Gong workshop we offer in 2021. ONLY TWO spots left. Workshop Information can be found at  It is worthy of every dollar of your health investment. 
Feel free to call me for a chat or any questions you have about Tai Chi. 

We look forward to seeing you at my tai chi classes and workshops soon. 

Stay well with Good Qi,
Fang & Meridian Connection Tai Chi Team