Frequently Asked Questions

Tai Chi is generally suitable for everyone regardless of age. It is particularly helpful for people who are not suitable to do vigorous exercises as Tai Chi movements are slow, gentle and tranquil.

Almost everyone who practices Tai Chi will gain health benefits if you have a little patience and persistence. The benefits that you can get from Tai Chi practice vary from one to another. The general health benefits include better balance/ body posture, flexibility, muscle strength, immunity, sleeping, relaxation, focus, concentration, mood status, physical and mental wholeness.

Tai Chi – a Chinese ancient art, has been practiced and developed over centuries. Its health benefits have been approved by numerous scientific researches and have been examined by our everyday life experiences over thousands of years. In all Tai Chi forms, circular movements of the shoulders and wrists may improve suppleness and circulation; constant spinal movements may improve the body’s coordination and flexibility; movements involving, briefly, standing on one leg improve balance. The social atmosphere can sometimes forge friendships and alleviate loneliness and anxiety; and the exercise itself can boost a person’s mood and alleviate depression. There are even more health benefits once you can practice Tai Chi at a higher level.

For people who have never practiced Tai Chi before should, first of all and most importantly, find a good qualified Tai Chi instructor. The process of learning should begin slowly and consistently. This means one can start Tai Chi with brief Qigong training at an initial phase before entering into Tai Chi gesture learning. This will give the learner some fundamental ideas of Tai Chi breathing and relaxation, which will help with the mind-body movement along Tai Chi practice. It also requires the learner to persist in attending one or two lessons per week. Generally one will see some of the above- mentioned health benefits within the first 3 months.

I mainly teach fundamental and gentle Qi Gong and Tai Chi forms, which are suitable for everyone with any fitness level. There are some popular forms, such as Tai Chi for Beginners, Tai Chi for Athritis, Tai Chi for Energy,etc. I also teach tailored Qigong and Tai Chi forms to particular individual or group needs.I offer tailored corporate Tai Chi & Qi Gong session combining with warm-up and flexibility/stretching exercise. Each standard class is composed of warm-up and Qigong exercises, Tai Chi learning and cooling-down procedures. Particular interests/needs can be discussed and a special program can be made upon request.

Yes, you certainly can regardless your current level. I have students from very basic level as beginners and also have students who have been training for years from somewhere else. The difference is your session is tailored based on your level and interest. This allows you to make the most out of the time with the teacher. Comparing with a 10-15 student group session, private Tai Chi classes give you a clear program to focus on and, in return, you will learn faster and understand better in a relaxing and comfortable way.

In addition, there are also gift certificate available for purchase, so not only you can enjoy private classes, but also your beloved ones when you like to give them a wonderful surprise.